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Mister Dean
Name Mister Dean
Steam ID: No Clue xD (dont know where to look)

Because i mugged a guy and he prop pushed me saying "Go Fuck Off" so then i shot him cus he prop pushed me and he called "RDM" on me and Faze Wiskers banned me.So im not sure why i was banned.
 Faze Wiskers (Rigby changed his name to this i think)

Why i should be unbann. Cus i literally did NOTHING.Random Ban

I would like to say that my other freind,Crashbuttercup was banned to for telling faze to unban me because he saw the whole thing and that he said that i didnt RDM.Then crash was banned for "lieng" EVEN THOUGH Faze didnt even TP to me to ask my anything NOR did Strelok (Guy i mugged) show andy proof because i saw is body just sit there and then faze banned me.So basically me and another guy where randomly banned by a admin who did not look in to it,He just flat out banned us.