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Position you are applying for: Mod or Admin


Will you get angry if you ever get demoted due to broken rules?:No,cause I just broke a rule! I deserve to be demoted.

In-Game Name:Watery Soda

Total Hours on Garry's Mod (Found in Games Section of Profile):1205 Hours [Really bored in the summer]

First Language:English

Location (U.S., Canada, Netherlands, etc):U.S

Time zone (GMT):

Approximate average # of Hours on Hunter RP servers per day:4-7 [maybe more]

How long have you been playing Darkrp type servers?:At least 700+ hours

How long have you played Darkrp type servers?: Least 6 months

How long have you been playing on any of the Hunter DarkRP?: 1 Week [When i get bored i search for other servers and i find this server fun and interesting.

What type of staffing experience (mod, admin, etc) have you had on other servers?:None sadly :[ this is my first app.

What would you say your biggest personal flaw as a User?: Calling a admin in // and they ignoring me :/ should had used @ or /report.

Choose one time that you handled a difficult problem as user and the outcome was positive (In Detail): Rdming Kiddy be rdming so i called admin :U [not detailed at all]

Choose one time that you handled a difficult problem as User and the outcome was negative (In Detail): This dude on some other server kept proptrapping me and rdming, so... i started a war with him. Got kicked.

NOTE:Don't expect to get MOD or Admin