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Position you are applying for:Moderator

Will you get angry if you ever get demoted due to broken rules?:Not if ive broken the rules

In-Game Name:Haildemon188

Total Hours on Garry's Mod (Found in Games Section of Profile):302 hours

First Language:English

Location (U.S., Canada, Netherlands, etc):US

Time zone (GMT):South pacific

Approximate average # of Hours on Hunter RP servers per day:4

How long have you been playing Darkrp type servers?:A long time, maybe 250 hours

How long have you played Darkrp type servers?:?????

How long have you been playing on any of the Hunter DarkRP?:2days 23hours 46minutes

What type of staffing experience (mod, admin, etc) have you had on other servers?:Ive had admin on eugecus, and ive had tmod on tps

What would you say your biggest personal flaw as a User?:Well im kinda a wannabe mod, i love helping other people, Which isnt good sometimes

Choose one time that you handled a difficult problem as user and the outcome was positive (In Detail):Ive handled me rdming once when i 1st joined darkrp and i was confused but an admin let me off which is good, then i read motd and i understood not to do it again.

Choose one time that you handled a difficult problem as User and the outcome was negative (In Detail):Well i was a tmod on tps and i didnt listen to a guys other side of story and i kicked himfor rda, he rejoined and acused me of abusing, and i ignored him, then he put a demote on me and it was accepted, it was dumb, THEN he admitted to being drunk after he demoted me, so yea.