my application for lvl 1 Admin

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my application for lvl 1 Admin

Name: Nichols

Age: 14

Sex: Male

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:59872134

Position you are applying for: lvl 1 Admin

Will you get angry if you ever get demoted due to broken rules?: I will NOT get mad unless I clearly understand why what I did was not allowed.

In-Game Name: NickLD

Total Hours on Garry's Mod (Found in Games Section of Profile): 2,840 hours

First Language: English

Location (U.S., Canada, Netherlands, etc): U.S

Time zone (GMT): GMT+/-5:00

Approximate average # of Hours on Hunter RP servers per day: 7 hours+

How long have you been playing Darkrp type servers?: everyday

How long have you played Darkrp type servers?: 6 weeks

What type of staffing experience (mod, admin, etc) have you had on other servers?: on other servers I had no experience of being a staff member but here iv had Mod for I belive 2 weeks give or take. And acording to Dr.pepper,iv been doing quite well which is what promoted me to apply for Admin.

What would you say your biggest personal flaw as a User?: i Would say my biggest flaw is not getting the proper sleep i should as im normally on the server super late. But I havent found that has affected my work as Mod.

Choose one time that you handled a difficult problem and the outcome was positive (In Detail): Well one night when i was on watching over the server alone, a guy or 2 guys i cant quite remember, but he or they thought it would be a great idea to prop spam to try and crash the server well. I always have my net graph on and many people where complaining about lag, so i looked around the server and when I looked past a tunnel, the graph spiked high although nothing was there I knew something near it was causing this massive lag. I discovered he or they where massively spawning and colidng props. What i did was i physed a few props and got soem names or name and banned them or him perminaitly, i did this barbecue at the time, i had 2 options for bans, 1 hour or perma. So after they where gone, i removed each prop by hand it took a while but the server was much more happy after that.

Choose one time that you handled a difficult problem and the outcome was negative (In Detail):Well umm, Sofar iv have not had a problem in the way I have handled things umm.. yeah.

 Um Wit, if you are full with Admins and you dont or cant have another admin thats fine, umm i wont take it bad just tell me and ill be content with my positon i have right now just tell me when it would be a better time to apply.

Your favorite Geek,

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Re: my application for lvl 1 Admin

Good mod i would definitely like to see him as admin :) +1